[Samba] problem with domain and samba3x

peter lawrie peter.lawrie at glendiscovery.co.uk
Fri Jun 17 21:31:17 UTC 2016

Hi all
About 18 months ago I connected 14 new Windows 7 PCs to a Centos5.1 server
with samba3x as domain members.  There are no other servers on site.
Today, I had to visit to connect up a PC in a new location. As I would
normally do I checked for Centos updates and found 35 outstanding including
samba3x 3.6.23-12.el5_11 and samba3x-client, samba3x-common, samba3x-doc,
samba3x-domainjoin-gui, samba3x-swat, samba3x-winbind, samba3x-winbind-devel

Having completed the cabling I tried to log the PC in but received 'trust
relationship between this workstation and primary domain failed'. Several
times I removed it from the domain and added it back again - this made no
difference. I noted the time on the PC was 7 minutes out from the server,
so corrected that, removed from the domain, added it in again but had the
same message.
Thinking it was just related to this PC, I left it configured as a
workgroup member, created a new local user to match the domain username it
had been using and connected it to the server shares.

Then I went to another PC which had an unrelated issue which needed
attention but when I tried to logon to the domain received the same domain
trust failure message.
Only then did I suspect that the samba3x update may have been the cause so
I removed it installed 3x 3.6.23-9 - now when I tried to login I get "there
are no login servers available to service the login request"

As other users were complaining about losing access to the server shares, I
then had to visit every PC, remove each of them from the domain into a
workgroup, create a local user on each to match the samba username and copy
the profile. Needless to say, a job which should have taken 1 to 2 hours
took 7.

I still have no idea why the problem occurred, is there an issue with the
latest samba update. All I could find online was that the update related to
a fix for badlock vulnerability.
Peter Lawrie

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