[Samba] 4.4.3-Debian: Associating a shared printer with a driver and pre-configuration

Wilbert van Bakel wilbert.vanbakel at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 18:43:42 UTC 2016

Hello All,

Each situation has advantages and disadvantages.

In my home network with Windows 10 Pro desktops I have a samba server​
​(Debian Testing/Samba 4.4.3) with standalone server role.
I share a printer and I prefer to enable "point and print" driver install
when I connect to the printer.

​My research suggests that granting SePrintOperatorPrivilege to any user is
not supported in a standalone server (it seems to me because there is no
administrator account).
To get around this problem I did the following:

- I installed the printer drivers from a local disk and shared the printer
on my network
- I also installed additional drivers for another CPU (x64 and x86)
- Then I copied the drivers from WIN10-DESKTOP\print$ to

Now I'm at the point of a​ssociating a shared printer with a driver with
the command:
rpcclient localhost -U root -c 'setdriver "Brother_HL-2140_series" "Brother
HL-2140 series"'
This fails with "result was WERR_ACCESS_DENIED".

The documentation that I read is focused on Active Domain setups and I have
excellent experience with AD, but now I'm configuring a standalone server.
It seems that preparing printer driver provisioning from a standalone
server is not supported.
I have tried ACL, user maps, group maps. I see BUILTIN\Administrators
available with SePrintOperatorPrivilege, but I don't see how to assign this
role to my own samba account.

Any suggestions, please?

Thank you very much,

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