[Samba] vfs_recycle on samba 4.3.9 as DC reset permissions

Frank Treichl ft at x-net.at
Tue Jun 14 10:04:21 UTC 2016


I set up an Ubuntu 16.04 machine with samba 4.3.9 as DC.
Everything works fine. I created users and groups with the Windows RSAT 
I also set different group permissions on some shares over Windows.

My Problem is now that I tried to enable the samba recycle bin:
         path = /data/samba/mytest
         read only = No
         vfs objects = recycle
         recycle:repository = .recycle
         recycle:touch = yes
         recycle:keeptree = yes

After enabling the module all permissions for this share where reset to 
the defaults (everyone can enter).
If I now try to change the permissions for the share or an subfolder the 
permissions will reset in the moment I press apply.
So after enabling the vfs_recycle module the permission system (Windows 
acl) does not work anymore for the particular share.

Is this a known problem?
Is there maybe an workaround available?

Frank Treichl

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