[Samba] Fwd: Re: Problem with Samba4 DB

bentunx bentunx at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 01:47:40 UTC 2016

Thx mathias for your reply

First, yes im using internal DNS,  i just try to add new dns from other 
dc but it doesnt work, i think the (maybe) corrupted dns data already 
sync to other dc

And i still run my samba4 installation, because sofar the only problem 
is, i cant add new dns record

In other case i found up one of my team just re install 2 samba4 server 
in site office with different AD domain without demote first .. i dont 
know if this issue related to my dns problem ..

Is this the only DC involved in that issue? If yes I would stop the 
service on that DC the avoid contamination of others (I don't know if 
this issue can propagate but I'm sure I would learn if it is in prod ;)

In prod, what you really want is your AD works. No matter which DC is 
FSMO nor if some DC get reinstalled. Remove the DC from your AD to limit 
risks, investigate later if you wan to, repair first but repair AD, not 
the DC.

Then I must admit you have AD as you speak DNS.
Perhaps you are running internal DNS, in that case you can only push DNS 
modification on DC declared as SOA in LDAP DB. If broken DC is SOA, it 
is also certainly FSMO, move FSMO and SOA on some other host (you can 
stop broken DC first, no matter).

If you are running BIND9_DLZ DNS back end you can simply change your 
clients DNS resolver to use another DC, as Bind + DLZ knows it can 
modify it's DB (its zones) every DC using Bind + DLZ as DNS back end 
would reply they are SOA and so they all will accept DNS modification 



2016-06-13 9:29 GMT+02:00 bentunx <bentunx at gmail.com 
<mailto:bentunx at gmail.com>>:

    dear all

    i have problem with my samba4 installation
    currently we still using samba 4.1.11
    we have many about 30 site office who is connected to the head
    office by Vpn with 1 mbps
    i have 2 DC in  head office and have oen DC in every Site office

    since yesterday i found out in my one off my DC in head office, the
    Main DC (the DC that we make as first DNS in other DC in head office
    of site office) , we cant add new DNS entry, then i try to dbcheck
    --cross-ncs --fix --yes , and dbcheck --reindex
    and still i cant add new DNS Entry
    /Password for [administrator at Domain.CO.ID
    <mailto:administrator at Domain.CO.ID>]://
    //ERROR(runtime): uncaught exception - (1383,
    //  File
    line 175, in _run//
    //    return self.run(*args, **kwargs)//
    //  File
    "/usr/local/samba/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/samba/netcmd/dns.py", line
    1067, in run//
    //    0, server, zone, name, add_rec_buf, None)/

    and today i found up samba process take 100% of my CPU usage ..
    can anyone here help me to give me some hint ?

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