[Samba] Problem with Active Directory authentication

Mon Jun 13 20:42:35 UTC 2016

Hello --

I have made considerable progress. When I am at the server console, I am able to enter my domain username and password, and I am able to log into the server. I had several follow-up questions:

1. How can I configure an SSH connection to the server that will utilize the active directory login?

2. When the login completes, I encounter the following error messages:

Unknown parameter encountered: "netbios"
Ignoring unknown parameter "netbios"
Unknown parameter encountered: "winbind allow trusted domains"
Ignoring unknown parameter "winbind allow trusted domains"

I believe these go back to smb.conf file. The lines in question read as follows:

netbios = <hostname>
winbind allow trusted domains = no

I checked the syntax of the two lines within the file, and everything looked fine.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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On 13/06/16 14:43, Kaplan, Andrew H. wrote:
> Hello --
> We are not running a Samba domain controller, rather we are relying on
> our network engineering group. I am not
> sure how willing they are in setting up the NIS extensions feature.
> To facilitate matters, would it be better for our either setting up
> the current system as a samba domain contoller,
> or establishing a separate computer that functions exclusively in that
> capacity?
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If you cannot use the RFC2307 attributes, then you could use the winbind
'rid' backend, see here for more info:


You will need to follow the relevant link and use the 'template' lines.

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