[Samba] Problem with Samba4 DB

bentunx bentunx at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 07:29:01 UTC 2016

dear all

i have problem with my samba4 installation
currently we still using samba 4.1.11
we have many about 30 site office who is connected to the head office by 
Vpn with 1 mbps
i have 2 DC in  head office and have oen DC in every Site office

since yesterday i found out in my one off my DC in head office, the Main 
DC (the DC that we make as first DNS in other DC in head office of site 
office) , we cant add new DNS entry, then i try to dbcheck --cross-ncs 
--fix --yes , and dbcheck --reindex
and still i cant add new DNS Entry
/Password for [administrator at Domain.CO.ID]://
//ERROR(runtime): uncaught exception - (1383, 'WERR_INTERNAL_DB_ERROR')//
//  File 
line 175, in _run//
//    return self.run(*args, **kwargs)//
//  File 
line 1067, in run//
//    0, server, zone, name, add_rec_buf, None)/

and today i found up samba process take 100% of my CPU usage ..
can anyone here help me to give me some hint ?


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