[Samba] Changing default UID/GID beginning for AD

Daniel Thielking daniel.thielking at ias.rwth-aachen.de
Mon Jun 13 06:27:19 UTC 2016

Yes of course. We use Samba4 ADDC with winbind to get unix attributes 
from the DC to the clients. But every time we creating a new member in 
the AD we have to change the default shell what is /bin/sh to /bin/tcsh. 
So we want to change the default value of the field in the AD that we 
don't have to change it every time.

The users logging in on a unix domain member. No login on DC themselves.

Samba Version is 4.4.4 compiled from source no extra options chosen.

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In short, when Samba joined to AD: On DC: winbind[d] is designed to 
refuse AD users on DC, to do that all users from AD get shell=/bin/false 
for their connection tries are refused by DC On Members: You just have 
to set a shell in AD LDAP tree using RFC2307 attributes, for sheel it is 
"loginShell". Then winbind will give your users the shell you defined. 
No sheel defined and you fallbck on "template shell" which by default is 
set to /bin/false.

On 10/06/16 15:45, Daniel Thielking wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> we have a Samba4 DC in our environment. We are storing unix 
> Information in samba's AD.
> Our Problem is:
> The default values are not fitting for our environment.
> We want to store a different Shell e.g /bin/tcsh. But the default 
> Value is /bin/sh.
> Is it possible, to change those default values so that it fits direct 
> at the creation of a user?
> Regards and thanks
> Daniel

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