[Samba] Shared printers are shown up only after 15 minutes on the Windows clients

Julian Timm X-Dimension at gmx.net
Sat Jun 11 14:26:12 UTC 2016

After updating our Samba Active Directory Domain Controller from Samba 4.1.6 to 4.3.4 it takes 15 minutes now
until all shared printers are shown up on the Windows clients, after our server has started. 
Although this is not a big problem, because our server is running 24 hours a day, i wan't to fix this. :-) 

The CUPS error log says: 

[11/Jun/2016:14:44:39 +0200] Unknown directive BrowseAddress on line 9 of /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.

When i look into cupsd.conf the line 9 looks like this:

BrowseAddress @LOCAL

There is also an entry in log.smbd:

[2016/06/11 15:10:05.421844,  0] ../source3/param/loadparm.c:3217(process_usershare_file)
  process_usershare_file: stat of /var/lib/samba/usershares/samsung_printer$ failed. No such file or directory

This error is always shown when using one of our Samsung printers, although there are working fine.
Our usershares folder is empty, because we are using other folders for our shares.

Here is our smb.conf:
# Global Parameters 
        interfaces = eth0
        workgroup = MYDOMAIN
        realm = mydomain.local
        netbios name = PDC
        server string = PDC
        server role = active directory domain controller
        passdb backend = samba4
        server services = s3fs, rpc, nbt, wrepl, ldap, cldap, kdc, drepl, winbind, ntp_signd, kcc, dnsupdate
        idmap_ldb:use rfc2307 = yes

# Kerberos Ticket Lifetime
        kdc:service ticket lifetime = 24
        kdc:user ticket lifetime = 24
        kdc:renewal lifetime = 120

# Other Options
        hide files = /desktop.ini/ntuser.ini/NTUSER.*/Thumbs.db/$RECYCLE.BIN
        reset on zero vc = yes

# Printserver Options
        load printers = yes
        spoolss: architecture = Windows x64
        rpc_server:spoolss = external
        rpc_daemon:spoolssd = fork

# System Shares
        path = /var/lib/samba/sysvol/mydomain.local/scripts
        read only = No

       path = /var/lib/samba/sysvol
       read only = No

# User Shares
        path = /volumes/HDD1/Benutzer
        read only = No
        veto oplock files = /*.LOCK/*.lock/

        path = /volumes/HDD1/Profile
        read only = No

        path = /volumes/HDD1/Programme
        read only = No

# Print Shares

    comment = All Printers
    path = /var/spool/samba
    browseable = Yes
    read only = No
    printable = Yes
    printing = CUPS

    comment = Point and Print Printer Drivers
    path = /var/lib/samba/printers
    writeable = yes

It would be nice if anybody can help me to fix these hopefully "little" errors.  


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