[Samba] Samba on AIX - Active directory

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu Jun 2 09:51:39 UTC 2016

please fix your horrible quting style

Am 02.06.2016 um 03:02 schrieb Craig:
> Reindl Harald <h.reindl <at> thelounge.net> writes:
>> Am 01.06.2016 um 15:58 schrieb Rob Lee:
>>> We have 4ge programs running on AIX. The output files from these
> programs need to be read from Windows
>> desktops and servers.
>> well, setup a proper OS with a recent samba in a virtual machine and
>> just use that directly from the AIX machine or mount the
>> samba-sharepoint with NFS on the AIX machine would be a simple solution

> Interesting that you don't consider AIX a "proper OS".
> Putting difference of opinions aside re this.

not in context of samba when the samba developers don't have a single 
AIX machine for testing and it comes with samba versions from the last 
decade - the same applies to most software projects because very few 
developers outside AIX care about it these days

> Numerous company's do not have Client Services for NFS installed on any
> Windows 7 or later workstations or servers. So cannot use NFS shares. Their
> company policy does not allow it. No need to go into why that is. We have to
> work around this.

WTF are you talking about - where did i write a single line about access 
NFS with window sclients?

* AIX for "We have 4ge programs running on AIX"
* store to local folder as it's done now
* export this folder with NFS
* share from a different machine running a recent samba
   version this NFS mount

that's for the cases where the stubborn "We have 4ge programs running on 
AIX" may not be able to write their data direectly on the samba sahre of 
a different server, otherwise just setup samba on *a proper OS for 
samba* and access it form the AIX server and the clients via SMB

> Samba is a good solution. Nothing has to be installed on windows
> workstations/servers.

no idea what you did not understand above especially in "setup a proper 
OS with a recent samba in a virtual machine"

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