[Samba] Fail to join a DC to a Domain

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sat Jan 30 12:52:46 UTC 2016

On 30/01/16 12:28, Francesco Berni wrote:
> Hi,
> me and my coworkers are trying to migrate a Samba 3 domain to a Samba4 one.
> As for now we did a classicupgrade and imported all the ldap entry to a
> DC following the guide without problems following the doc
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Migrating_a_Samba_NT4_domain_to_a_Samba_AD_domain_(classic_upgrade)
> Now as we try to join another DC following this guide
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Join_an_additional_Samba_DC_to_an_existing_Active_Directory#Preconditions
> but when we try to join we fail with the attacched error.
> with --debug=4 i see that it stops there before failing the join.
>> DRS replication uptodate modify message: > dn: DC=mydomain,DC=net > changetype: modify > replace:
> replUpToDateVector > replUpToDateVector:: [Data here too] > - > replace:
> repsFrom > repsFrom:: [data here] > - > > > Replicated 402 objects (0
> linked attributes) for DC=mydomain,DC=net >
> If i do the join while DC01 is empty of any ldap records it has no problem.
> I spent a couple of days with this problem searching and trying and i
> really have no idea how to solve this problem.
> Any kind of advice would be useful.
> PS: if it can be usefull i'm using samba 4.3.3, but i tried with the
> latest version from git and the problem is exactly the same.
> Thank you in advance

Your problems seem to start here:

Server ldap/DC01.MYDOMAIN.NET at MYDOMAIN.NET is not registered with our 
KDC:  Miscellaneous failure (see text): Server 
(ldap/DC01.MYDOMAIN.NET at MYDOMAIN.NET) unknown

what is the ipaddress of your first AD DC ?
can you post /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/hosts and /etc/krb5.conf


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