[Samba] strange behavior with "dos filetime resolution = yes"

Hubert Gilch hg at sepag.de
Wed Jan 27 10:55:40 UTC 2016

Hello Jeremy,

thank you for your reply
> Can you get a wireshark trace when you're asking
> for the properties ? The lp_dos_filetime_resolution()
> check isn't widely used or tested so there might
> be a path through that no longer does the rounding.
I ran a trace when i opened the windows properties dialogue two times, 
the first one got me an even second (40), the second one an odd second 
(41). I wanted the two cases in different traces but didn't succeed. 
After the time it took me to start a second trace i always got 40. It 
seems that the alternating 40/41 seconds occur only when requesting the 
file properties again after relatively short time.

You can download the trace here: 
I also provided a client logfile (loglevel 4) with the same sequence, 
but from a later time: https://proximus.sepag.de/log.peleus.gz

Mit freundlichem Gruß
i. A. Hubert Gilch

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