[Samba] openSUSE / Samba 4 / Mac Client / Missing Folders & Files

Mark Burdick meburdick at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 15:12:54 UTC 2016

Hi, all.

I am running a server in my house that has been operating for years. It is
currently at openSUSE 13.1, fully patched as of yesterday. Samba 4.1.22 is
installed and working fine for Windows clients.

Generally, my MacBook (El Capitan - 10.11.12) is able to access the server
as I need it to. Recently, I attempted to access my music repository to
copy it off of the server and onto my Mac so I could push content into
Google Play Music. It seems that I'm able to access about 15% of my total
library because many servers will not show up in the listing.

When I attempt to open the folder with my Mac, I see this in the log.smb

[2016/01/18 20:57:50.825369,  0]

  Conversion error: Incomplete multibyte sequence(?lique Kidjo)

I've tried mvconv to reset the encoding, I added the UTF-8 designator in
the config file, but there has been no change at all. I turned the
debugging level up to 5 at one point (incrementing by one starting at 1),
but did not appear to be getting anything of more value as I stepped up the
debugging level.

The folder contains over 6500 directories (top-level), but the Mac Finder
client shows only 185 as found.

The Mac has had its smb.conf file modified to use SMB v1 only because it
isn't properly functioning with the newer protocols since Apple didn't
implement them correctly.

Any guidance on where to start or what I might need to do?

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