[Samba] showrepl is showing a deleted connexion

MORILLO Jordi J.Morillo at educationetformation.fr
Thu Jan 21 19:09:44 UTC 2016

Hi everybody,

One of my DC crash this afternoon (dead disk).
I can't remove this DC server from windows GUI (computer object from < users and computers >) and NTDS settings from < sites and services > because windows GUI error.

So i manually remove this old server :

-          Clean all DNS stuff (tpc, sites, kerberos, kpasswd, srv entries.....)

-          With apache directory studio, i connect to ldap and remove NTDS settings under site's tree (configuration -> sites -> my_old_site)
After that, windows GUI is good, no more DC's computer object or NTDS settings

A samba-tool drs showrepl gives :

        NTDS DN: CN=NTDS Settings\0ADEL:1e23b3de-ae49-406d-bd33-e233b168945c,CN=DC540\0ADEL:ceeb7300-2411-4e05-83e2-e4ebf521f145,CN=Servers\0ADEL:85d2165b-0a31-4f90-be71-e2b73c8eb88a,CN=SaintSaens\0ADEL:f23842e5-e22b-4ad2-9cb3-a72fe0dd73dd,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=pr,DC=educationetformation,DC=fr
                DSA object GUID: 1e23b3de-ae49-406d-bd33-e233b168945c
                Last attempt @ Thu Jan 21 19:44:00 2016 CET failed, result 87 (WERR_INVALID_PARAM)
                1932 consecutive failure(s).
                Last success @ NTTIME(0)

This object is not visible from ldap but is visible with ldbsearch on CONFIGURATION ldb
If I ldbdel this object, samba-tool drs showrepl failed :


ERROR(runtime): DsReplicaGetInfo of type 4294967294 failed - (8442, 'WERR_DS_DRA_INTERNAL_ERROR')

So I ldbadd this object (previously backup up), no more ERROR(runtime) but i can see again wrong connexion from samba-tool drs showrepl....
Any idea to clean drs showrepl from this deleted object ?
Thanks for all
Samba 4.3.3

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