[Samba] samba 4.2.7 strange DNS things.

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Jan 19 09:50:46 UTC 2016



I’m getting some strange things in my DNS. 


Environment :  

Debian Wheezy, sernet samba 4.2.7 with 2 DC’s. 


First, what happend.  


Some time ago, i tested with changing the SOA to the other DC, worked fine. 

Now i want to change that back and this does not work for some reason. 

Or im interpeting this wrong. 


dig SOA internal.domain.tld  keeps responding that my DC2 has the SOA, which is strange. 

When i look in the windows dns tool, the DC1 is the SOA


Now i see my DC1, which has the SOA, but with timestamp :  19-5-25873 6:00:00 

When i change the SOA i also added an alias named ns1  to dc1. 

this record had timestamp : 11-11-24839 1:00:00 


And yes, these years are really what i see..  


anyone seen this?  Or can anyone check this. 


Ow, removing the faulty record and recreating it, fixes the timestamp. 

Restarting bind and/or samba does not fix my SOA problem. 


I also noticed.  ( commands done on DC1 ) 

dig SOA internal.domain.tld  @localhost   gives the DC1 back for the SOA 

dig SOA internal.domain.tld  gives the DC2  back for the SOA 


and good to know, in resolv.conf i have order 

nameserver ip_dc2 

nameserver ip_dc1 


so which what am i missing.











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