[Samba] How to share slash (root directory)

Marc Chamberlin marc at marcchamberlin.com
Mon Jan 18 07:48:30 UTC 2016

I am somewhat baffled by this and Googling for an answer has not given 
me any joy. I do get a lot of hits from preachers saying don't do it but 
either no answer was given or the answer refers to some distant past 
version of Samba... So, before anyone jumps on me, I know what I am 
wanting to do, and there is no risks involved. I am on a small SOHO 
network running my own group of computers, no one else is involved, and 
I need quick access to the entire disks of each of the computers on my 

That said, how do I configure Samba (ver 4.1.22-21.1-x86_64) to share 
the root "/" directory. I have tried just about every convoluted set of 
permutations I can think of but no joy figuring out how to get this to 
work. FYI, I have gotten other more specific shares working so this is 
not a firewall or server failure issue, and I have configured smbpasswd 
for both root and myself as users, with passwords. Relevant parts of one 
of my latest incarnation of smb.conf is -

         workgroup = WORKGROUP
         passdb backend = smbpasswd
         printing = cups
         printcap name = cups
         printcap cache time = 750
         cups options = raw
         map to guest = Bad User
         logon path = \\%L\profiles\.msprofile
         logon home = \\%L\%U\.9xprofile
         logon drive = P:
         usershare owner only = No
         add machine script = /usr/sbin/useradd  -c Machine -d 
/var/lib/nobody -s /bin/false %m$
         domain logons = No
         domain master = No
         security = user
         wins support = No
         usershare max shares = 100
         netbios name = marcslaptopsuse
         admin users = marc, root
         hide dot files = No
         usershare allow guests = No

         comment = Root Dir
         path = /
         read only = No
         inherit acls = No
         available = Yes
         browseable = Yes
         writable = Yes
         inherit permissions = No
         force user = root

Appreciate any help offered and thanks in advance... Marc...

"The Truth is out there" - Spooky

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