[Samba] problems with initial install, simple server config

Andy Smith a.smith at ldex.co.uk
Fri Jan 15 14:47:30 UTC 2016


On 2016-01-15 15:22, Andy Smith wrote: 

> On 2016-01-15, ROWLAND PENNY wrote: 
>> Try running 'samba -b' this will show you where the AD DC expects to 
>> find things, you should be able to work out from there what needs 
>> changing on your system.
> Ok thanks. I wasn't sure which of the listed directories was important. I ran samba-tool with debug 9 and I think the issue is where it tries to create the sysvol volume, so I've created a new ZFS file system there and applied the following two options: 
> aclmode=passthrough
> aclinherit=passthrough

sorry, hadn't finished writing that last email. 

I then re-ran the provisioning with the option -use-ntvfs and it
completes successfully. 

I was still getting errors from wbinfo but turns out some old winbindd
daemons were hanging around so in the end it seems to be working. Have
been able to authenticate from a Windows machine to IPC$ and see the
sysvol and netlogon volumes. 

thanks for your help! Andy. 

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