[Samba] problems with initial install, simple server config

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Fri Jan 15 13:10:14 UTC 2016

On 15/01/16 12:16, Andy Smith wrote:
> on 2016-01-15, ROWLAND PENNY wrote:
>> The error message is pretty explicit, your underlying filesystem doesn't
>> understand posix ACLs. I think you have three choices here if you want
>> an AD DC:
> Hi Rowland,
>    thanks for replying. Yes it is pretty explicit, but at this point I
> haven't been allowed to specify what directories in what file systems I
> want to share. What directory is it testing for posix ACLs? I can mount
> UFS or configure ZFS correctly for this purpose, but I don't necessarily
> want to touch my root ZFS file system.

Try running 'samba -b' this will show you where the AD DC expects to 
find things, you should be able to work out from there what needs 
changing on your system.

> Understood regarding provisioning, strange to include several options
> that do not work tho!

's3fs' depends on posix ACL's and as far as I am aware freebsd doesn't 
use them, everything does work on Linux which I suppose is Samba's main 

'ntvfs' was created in the early phase of Samba4, but was ultimately 
dropped in favour of 's3fs', I understand it was dropped because of the 
amount of work that was required to complete everything it was designed 
to do and a lack of time (or something like this).

> thanks again, Andy.

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