[Samba] Sharing printer with samba on Windows 7 = Error 0x00000057

RĂ©mi Bouhl remibouhl at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 12:42:46 UTC 2016


I have the following setup :
- A Linux Debian Jessie server, with cups and samba installed.
- A LAN with Windows clients, mostly Windows Seven (and two XP).

I am trying to share the cups-pdf printer to Windows 7 clients.

At first I wanted to provide printing drivers from Samba, and did a
huge mess in config files, without getting a working configuration on
Windows clients.

So I cleaned up my smb.conf file (see attachment).

I can browse the server using "\\" from Windows clients
explorer. I see my file share, and the printers.

When I try to add a printer using right click and "connect..." from
the Windows explorer, I get a "Windows can not connect to printer"
error message, with 0x00000057 as error code.

I have searched for this error code : it seem to happen when the
printer has already been installed on the Windows client, and drivers
have become "messy".
But : I get the "0x00000057" error with every Windows Seven client,
even if I didn't mess with it before.

My guess is : I left something about Windows drivers in samba or cups
config, but I can not find where.

I see no error message in logs.

Thanks for any help.

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