[Samba] Samba over slow connections

Sébastien Le Ray sebastien-samba at orniz.org
Thu Jan 7 10:58:12 UTC 2016

Hi list (and happy new year),

I'm experiencing some troubles using Samba (4.1.17 debian version) over 
VPN. Basically we've following setup :

PC === LAN ===> VPN (WAN) ==== LAN ===> Samba file Server

Copying big (say > 1MiB) files from PC to Samba file server almost 
always ends up with a NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT error (or "a network error 
occured" if trying to copy from a Windows box).

It seems that Samba cannot cope with the fact that LAN speed is way 
higher than WAN one (thus filling buffers an not waiting for WAN link to 
consume them).

Copying from PC to a Win2003 server on the same LAN as Samba runs 
smootly, Windows copy window indicates a copy speed matching the WAN 
link speed whereas when copying to samba it shows 1 or 2 seconds bursts 
then 30s at 0kb (waiting for WAN tramission).

Tested on several Samba servers (oldest one is 3.0.24 (…)).

Has anyone encountered this kind of issue ?


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