[Samba] Wiki: Standalone server

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Tue Jan 5 10:52:56 UTC 2016

On 05/01/16 08:10, L.P.H. van Belle wrote:
> Hai Marc,
> First best wishes and happy new year.
> This one looks great, but your missing one thing imo.
> You can do the same without a local user when you change
>          map to guest = Bad User
> to
>          map to guest = Bad Password
> Which gives also the advantage, that you dont need to have a local user on a windows system, which popups up with a password and where lots of peoople have problems with.

I thought that 'Bad User' mapped unknown users to the guest account, but 
'Bad Password' mapped users, that gave an incorrect password, to the 
guest account, or to put it another way, if a user known to Samba typed 
a wrong password, they get silently mapped to guest. I suggest we stick 
to 'Bad User'.

> And offcourse the share needs 777 and not 775,
> or rights forced from share ( which i use at home )
> So my suggestion
> 2A) A basic smb.conf	( which user rights/acl, proceed to chapter 3 )
> 2B) A basic smb.conf 	( a open server, no rights, all mapped to nobody )
> You can still use the acl on linux to force rights, but a use mapping must be possible between windows and samba. So windows and samba user/pass must be the same.
> When do you use something like this.
> For example my kodi server has open shares.
> Like :
> \\kodi\media  ( open share. )
> \\kodi\backup ( open share with acl. )
> I have a match user/pass for this one.

If you are using 'Bad Password' and you type the password incorrectly, 
your user will get mapped to guest.

> And just a question, have you tried to access the server from win7+
> With only \\servername
> I bet you get a popup to authenticate.. user Guest is disabled in windows.
> So the user mapping between the pc and samba goes wrong.

I thought the mapping is done on the Samba server, so what has guest 
being disabled on win7+ have to do with this ?


> Just my thoughts.
> Greetz,
> Louis

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