[Samba] Samba 4 AD - Samba Fails to Start, hdb_samba4_create_kdc (setup KDC database) failed

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sun Jan 3 11:28:08 UTC 2016

On 03/01/16 10:38, JS wrote:
> Rowland penny <rpenny <at> samba.org> writes:
>> On 03/01/16 06:00, JS wrote:
>>>    <=?windows-1252?Q?L.P.H._van_Belle?=> writes:
>> One of your problems is that you are using the stock Ubuntu samba, this
>> is getting a bit long in the tooth now, can I suggest you use either the
>> latest freely available samba from Sernet or better still, compile it
>> yourself and use the latest version 4.3.3. This will get you a much
>> improved fsmo.py and will also cover you for several CVEs.
>> Rowland
>>> Kind Regards,
>>> JS
> A couple questions...
> 1) I've downloaded the latest samba source files and obtained the backup
> script.  Ubuntu's distribution of samba installs to different locations than
> compiling from source from what I can tell yet I haven't been able to find
> any references online that dictate exactly what directories need to be
> backed up to create valid archives on Ubuntu, could you provide some insight
> in this regard?

This has, I believe, been done, but not by me, so I am unsure just what 
you need to backup and more importantly, where you need to the various 
backup files. What to backup is fairly easy, Ubuntu uses two locations, 
/var/lib/samba and /var/cache/samba, just backup everything in these two 
locations that end in .ldb & .tdb using tdbbackup. If you self compile 
samba, everything goes into /usr/local/samba and you would need to put 
the files you backed up into the required places, if it would help, I 
can provide a directory listing for /usr/loca/samba.

> 2) How would I go about 'upgrading' a deployed Samba4 PDC from the version
> provided by Canonical to one compiled from source?  Is it possible to do an
> 'in-place' upgrade or will I need to uninstall, compile the new version and
> then redeploy?

Got to be honest here, from what you have posted so far, I get the 
feeling your Samba database is badly corrupted and you will have to 
start again. It should be possible to upgrade if your database is ok, 
but I would do it first on a test machine.


> Thanks again for all the help.
> JS

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