[Samba] Desynced DC

S├ębastien Le Ray sebastien-samba at orniz.org
Wed Feb 24 13:31:56 UTC 2016

Hi list,

We use samba 4.1.17 (debian's version) on several DCs. I just realized 
that one of them is desynced and cannot get it to resync.

The long story: we got 5 DCs splitted over several sites. Recently we 
had to replace one of them (let's call him DC5). Since both had to run 
in parallel for data recovery/users work we decided to join a brand new 
DC (DC6) and latter demote the second one (DC5). Where things get even 
more complicated is that once DC5 has been removed we put DC6 on its IP 
(following wiki). We performed some cleanup in the DNS and all was 
beautiful, data got replicated. However I just realized that a completly 
different DC (say DC3) didn't catch the replacement. samba-tool drs 
showrepl reports errors where we can see the no-more existing DC and a 
DNS query returns the old DC6 address. Is there a way to force 
replication (even by copying files manually)? samba-tools drs replicate 
fails miserably without any meaningful error.

Thanks in advance

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