[Samba] samba_dnsupdate NOTAUTH

Jason Voorhees jvoorhees1 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 12:49:35 UTC 2016

Hello guys, hope you're doing good:

I'm running a couple of Samba servers like follows:

Primary DC
Platform: Zentyal 4.2 development x68_64
Samba: 4.3.4-Zentyal
DNS: BIND9_DLZ_module
Role: Primary Domain Controller
Setup: By default, following Zentyal's web interface.

Secondary DC
Platform: CentOS 7 x86_64
Samba: 4.3.4 built from source
Role: Backup Domain Controller:
Setup: According to

I've recently noticed that the following log messages (repeated times)
appear every 10 minutes on my CentOS BDC:

Feb 22 07:38:12 storage samba[27405]: [2016/02/22 07:38:12.057697,  0]
Feb 22 07:38:12 storage samba[27405]:
/usr/local/samba-4.3.4/sbin/samba_dnsupdate: update failed: NOTAUTH

I have no idea what this error means. As I followed almost "by
default" settings in the setup procedure I might suspect there's
something missing that needs to be fixed or improved in my settings.
The only suspicious stuff I noticed is that these 2 Samba servers have
a couple of minutes of difference in time. I can fix this by using NTP
but not sure if this is the cause of error.

I hope someone can give me some ideas about this error or point me to
some documentation resource.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance

Have a nice day!

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