[Samba] simple recommendations

Andy Smith a.smith at ldex.co.uk
Thu Feb 18 15:29:41 UTC 2016


Thanks for your reply Rowland. I don't think I managed to get my
question across very well on the first attempt. I still really need to
know 2 things: 

1) Can I see and modify permissions on a Samba share from a PC (either a
domain member or not, please provide detail). I have tested this with a
non domain member and it seems to be not possible, is it just me or is
this expected behaviour. With a domain member will this work as smoothly
as a real windows server (assuming Linux install with ACL ext4 file
system)? Ie open folder permissions from client and add/modify
user/group permissions. 

2) Is there a reason to install Samba as standalone rather than AD? I
ask as obviously AD systems allow access to non domain members, and it
seems AD is now the mainstream where Samba is concerned, its no skin off
my nose to install as AD. 

thanks again, Andy. 

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