[Samba] Gpo issue

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Feb 18 15:34:06 UTC 2016

Missed your replies, sorry about that, so the answeres on that. 

> > 3) and check from within windows the sysvol share rights and the sysvol
> folder rights.
> I have 4 groups with at least read/execute access right ( authentified
> users, system, administrators, server operators )
Yes, correct, this is the default, keep it, normaly its not needed to change anything here. 

Other users need to change/create policies. 
For that you have the "Group Policy Creator Owners" for example. 

> > 4) give group "Domain Users" a GID
> I'm not sure to well understand, could you explain?
You can give the domain user a GID, in ADUC , unit tab. 
But .. if it now works, only add it if you need it. 
And this is based on the backend AD. If you use RID, you already have a GID
For "Domain Users"  

Only one tip i can give for a GPO setup. 
Think good about it before implementing it and start simple. 
And be aware of IE11, for that you need extra tools these days. 



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