[Samba] Mapping UIDs on Linux to same UID as AD-bound Mac is mapping to

Brett Randall brett.randall at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 21:26:02 UTC 2016

Rowland writes:
> > So, since the Linux Samba is the one using sequential UIDs where it
> > generates a new UID each time a new user is identified, and the Mac is
> > using somewhat AD-generated UIDs, my preference is to somehow make
> > Linux Samba work the same way that Apple generates UIDs.
> Whilst something like this may happen sometime in the future, at the
> moment it doesn't. If you have a mixture of windows, mac and linux
> machines, you need to use RFC2307 attributes. There is a specific mac vfs
> module available for samba that may help you, this is vfs_fruit, never used it
> myself, but I am assured it helps.

Thanks Rowland, I wasn't aware of RFC2307 and found idmap_ad which may just do what I need. I just need to come up with a plan for populating uidNumber and gidNumber in AD in a way that makes sense and has no room for human error. Looked into vfs_fruit, bit confused about how it would help but will keep researching.


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