[Samba] Password changes and syncing passwords with Linux accounts

Chris Hastie lists at oak-wood.co.uk
Tue Feb 16 19:55:38 UTC 2016

On 16/02/16 18:13, Rowland penny wrote:
>> >I don't have any such lines. Could it be this in the PAM config that
>> >is causing the problem:
>> >
>> >auth    optional            pam_smbpass.so migrate
>> >
> Could well be, I do not seem to have this line in pam, which file is it in ?
> Also, what does 'pam-auth-update' show ?
It's in /etc/pam.d/common-auth.

pam-auth-update shows:

[*] Unix authentication
[*] Winbind NT/Active Directory authentication
[*] Register user sessions in the systemd control group hierarchy
[*] SMB password synchronization
[*] Inheritable Capabilities Management

Unchecking 'SMB password synchronization' removes the line from 
common-auth and seems to have solved the problem. So progress—I just 
need to sort out my groups now.

A related question. I see there is user 'root' known to winbind, and 
also in /etc/passwd. Does Samba have any need for this user (given the 
existance of 'Administrator')? I'm inclined to delete it from Samba and 
keep it in /etc/passwd. Would this be a sensible plan?

Many thanks for your help today


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