[Samba] Password changes and syncing passwords with Linux accounts

Chris Hastie lists at oak-wood.co.uk
Tue Feb 16 07:47:38 UTC 2016


I'm experiencing some odd behaviour when trying to change passwords. I 
have Samba 4.1.6-Ubuntu configured as an AD-DC on Ubuntu 14.04LTS. When 
I change a password (either from a Win10 Pro client, or using smbpasswd 
on the machine itself) it all reports that things have worked. I can 
then login to Samba using the new password.

However, when I now try to login to Linux using the new password I get 
this error on the terminal:

Failed to add entry for user MYDOMAIN\someuser.

In /var/log/auth.log I see

Feb 16 07:18:20 oak sshd[12723]: pam_unix(sshd:auth): authentication 
failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=ssh ruser= 
rhost=cranesbill.thegrove.oak-wood.co.uk  user=someuser
Feb 16 07:18:20 oak sshd[12723]: pam_winbind(sshd:auth): getting 
password (0x00000388)
Feb 16 07:18:20 oak sshd[12723]: pam_winbind(sshd:auth): pam_get_item 
returned a password
Feb 16 07:18:20 oak sshd[12723]: pam_winbind(sshd:auth): user 'someuser' 
granted access
Feb 16 07:18:20 oak sshd[12723]: pam_unix(sshd:account): could not 
identify user (from getpwnam(MYDOMAIN\someuser))
Feb 16 07:18:20 oak sshd[12723]: Failed password for someuser from port 53822 ssh2
Feb 16 07:18:20 oak sshd[12723]: fatal: Access denied for user someuser 
by PAM account configuration [preauth]

Now when I try the old password for a Linux login it works. BUT, in 
doing so it seems to reset the Samba password back to the old one.

What it looks to me is happening, though I know little about PAM and 
auth mechanisms, is

* the samba password is successfully changed
* no attempt is made, or if it is it isn't successful, to change the 
password in /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow
* PAM, having checked /etc/shadow and not found a match, checks winbind
* winbind approves the login, but somewhere along the line prepends 
MYDOMAIN\ to the user name
* there is no user MYDOMAIN\someuser in /etc/passwd, so the login fails
* a subsequent successful Linux login causes something to update Samba, 
perhaps this line in /etc/pam.d/common-auth:

auth    optional            pam_smbpass.so migrate

I have tried various combinations of 'unix password sync', 'passwd 
program', 'passwd chat' and 'pam password change' in smb.conf in an 
attempt to get /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow updated when a password is 
changed. I've also experimented with 'winbind use default domain = yes' 
to see if this stopped the prepending of MYDOMAIN\. All to no avail, and 
I'm not clear that any of these options has an effect when running as an 

I should add that as this installation was migrated from an NT PDC all 
users have unix accounts on the Linux machine. I would ideally like to 
keep the passwords in sync, and to be able to do so using Windows tools 
such as Ctl+Alt+Del. It does seem as if changing passwords on the Linux 
box using passwd will change both Linux and Samba passwords.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?



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