[Samba] samba AD and Administrator UID

Alessandro Baggi alessandro.baggi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 14:42:35 UTC 2016

Hi list,
maybe you remember my last post about configuring samba4 as AD and 
related problems.

Today I've found another issue, this is not a problem but I need 

After domain provisioning (samba-tool domain provision) I got my domain 
created. During provisiong Administrator user (and other users) and 
groups are created. During this procedure smbd is off and started after 
provisionig.Running getent passwd and getent group I found that 
Administrator User have uid 0 (like root) and Domain Users group have 
gid 100 (like users group).

This type of config is safe? There is not conflict with other user with 
the same uid/gid? Administrator must have uid 0 or can have another uid?

If Administrator can have another uid, how I can specify a different uid?

Thanks in advance.

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