[Samba] AD Group lost from Winbind

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Feb 12 08:47:39 UTC 2016

In addition to the previous message 

We lose this setting. ( on the DC ) !!! 

winbind use default domain = yes 

This was working on the DC with winbindd but now its not working anymore with winbind. 

( DC ) 
getent passwd user1
DOMAIN\user1:*:10001:10000:Test user:/home/users/user1:/bin/bash

( Member )
getent passwd user1
user1:*:10001:10000: Test user:/home/users/user1:/bin/bash

so we are not complete back.. at least it better now.. 
If you running on 1 server only, you do need to recheck all rights. 

If you setup with separated DCs and file servers, 
Then you have less problems, this still works as before. 

Last test : 
getent group "domain users"

and this confirms for me again problems in the winbindd code. 



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