[Samba] ldbadd issue on Samba 4.1.13 AD DC

Allen Chen achen at harbourfrontcentre.com
Tue Feb 9 19:59:35 UTC 2016

Hi there,

I have Samba 4.1.13 AD DC compiled on CentOS 6.2 (32bit). Everything is 
working fine.

Issue: ldbadd cannot re-add a deleted user account.
What I did:
1. save user account
# ./bin/ldbsearch -H /usr/local/samba/private/sam.ldb 
sAMAccountName=krtu > ./user-add.ldif

2. delete the user account
# ./bin/ldbdel -H /usr/local/samba/private/sam.ldb 
This user has been deleted. ldbsearch couldn't find it.

2. add it back again
First remove the following attr from the saved file user-add.ldif

Then ldbadd gives the error:
# ./bin/ldbadd -H /usr/local/samba/private/sam.ldb ./user-add.ldif
ERR: Entry already exists : "../lib/ldb/ldb_tdb/ldb_index.c:1216: Failed 
to re-index objectSid in CN=krtu,CN=Users,DC=mydomain,DC=com - 
../lib/ldb/ldb_tdb/ldb_index.c:1148: unique index violation on objectSid 
in CN=krtu,CN=Users,DC=mydomain,DC=com" on DN 
CN=krtu,CN=Users,DC=mydomain,DC=com at block before line 36
Add failed after processing 0 records

Is it normal?

Allen Chen
Network Administrator


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