[Samba] query_name_response: Multiple (2)

Pascal Legrand pascal.legrand at univ-orleans.fr
Fri Feb 5 14:36:42 UTC 2016


does someone could explain me what means this message : 
query_name_response: Multiple (2)....

example :

samba4 nmbd[88458]: query_name_response: Multiple (2) responses received 
for a query on subnet for name SAMBA_DOMAIN<1d>.

samba4 nmbd[88458]: This response was from IP, reporting 
an IP address of

The server has 3 nic (vlans) and here is a part of the configuration :

hosts allow = 127. 192.168.39. 192.168.151. 192.168.152.
interfaces =
bind interfaces only = yes

I cant understand why i've got this.

Thanks for your help



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