[Samba] AD DC as KVM guest on file server host?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu Dec 29 22:57:34 UTC 2016

Am 29.12.2016 um 23:33 schrieb Андрей Петров via samba:
> 29.12.2016 19:01, Filippe LeMarchand пишет:
>> Is kvm I/O realy disadventage? I use samba file server as kvm guest
>> (LVM storage pool) in some setups and disn't notice any problems.
>> Sequential read/write speed isn't noticeably different from
>> non-virtualized samba host. Did I miss something and should expect
>> sudden trouble?
> No you shouldn't. What I meant is: of allinsignificant disadvantage
> aspects of virtualization I/O is the most significant.
> In Miguel's case i just see no reason to move fileserver to guest if
> it's already up and running in production.
> In scenario i described earlier at first implementation I made 3 guests:
> dc, fileserver and asterisk. I had problems sharing 2GB of RAM for all
> of them.
> ksm gives some relief, but it eats CPU time and  Turion II Neo N40L has
> not much of it.
> moving fileserever to host gave me resources to launch windows guest so
> i can manage dsa.msc gpmc.msc and etc. without freezing host.
> At first sight it may seem better to put a new service in virtual
> environment, but in the end of the day you just got another host to
> maintain (update, fsck, monitor and all this stuff)

you need two hosts anyways (or you are playing games you lose sooner or 
later) and every of these two hosts just needs enough RAM to pickup all 
guests in case of failover

"I had problems sharing 2GB of RAM for all" - honestly the amchine in 
front of my is 5 years old and had 16 GB RAM in 2011, i doubled it a 
month ago for 180€ to 32 GB - and that's a desktop machine

your priorities are simply wrong!

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