[Samba] AD DC as KVM guest on file server host?

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 14:49:27 UTC 2016

I would think running both your DC's as VM's would be a good idea -  
makes it easier to backup the VM's in to protect against failure of the 
physical host(s).  Whether or not a DC is physical or virtual, you will 
still have the same client dependency issues.

The thing to avoid would be having the KVM host machine double as 
anything else-  you want to keep the host layer as stable as possible.

I haven't used KVM.  I have used VMware ESXi and Xen, so my observations 
may not apply to KVM.

On 12/29/16 09:25, Miguel medalha via samba wrote:
>> One problem I see is that the client relies on a VM that might not be up
>> when Samba on the client boots. If there are other services running on the
>> client, that use winbind for authentication or for building a list of users,
>> they might fail as well. Additionally the client uses the DCs DNS, so services might fail during start up if the DNS is not up.
> As I said on my original post, I have two DCs in this setup. Only one of them would be migrated to a VM. The one having the FSMO role would still be a physical machine. Do you still see a potential problem here?

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