[Samba] About error: 'Windows cannot access, you do not have permission to access'

Chenyehua chen.yehua at h3c.com
Tue Dec 27 13:34:24 UTC 2016

I have a linux samba server and lists users at this server. and access the folder from the windows7 client.
Now i configure a LDAP sever and let samba to use it .
But I don’t want clients keeping the connection because I have changed the authentication,clinets need to re-login.
So I restart smbd. and it works.
Then,let clients reconnect to samba, but it report errors: Windows cannot access \\xxxxxx<file:///\\xxxxxx> You do not have permission to access \\xxxxx<file:///\\xxxxx>....
From server’ log,  the client login with old user and password which saved by last time success login.
But why the client can’t tell the wrong user or password,and it need to be re-login.
From google,I know restart service->workstation it can be useful to re-login.but it’s not kind to user or client.
Is there any helpful parameter in smb.comf to avoid the errors and client can reconnect without any operations such as restart workstation.
Or someone can tell me why client report this error.

Hope someone help, Thanks!
Best regards
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