[Samba] How to avoid CIFS timeout?

Wang, Zhiye Zhiye.Wang at Arcserve.com
Sun Dec 25 12:23:07 UTC 2016

This is not about CIFS performance. It's actually the underlying storage cannot response in time sometimes. Improving underlying storage performance is out of my control.

On the other hand, I wonder if this option "async smb echo handler" really work at all. It seems the echo handler process has no network connection with client, instead of, it gets request from a pipe linked to the FS service process. So, if FS service process gets hang on open/read/write/close, the echo handler process has no chance to serve echo request from client. Is that true?

Another point, it seems smbd is a single thread application (as of 4.x). Is there a multithread version?


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Hello Zhiye,

 On my opinion, you can improve the CIFS performance instead of avoiding CIFS
timeout. Such as extend read/write size and change the cache type. I don't think
enable "async smb echo handler" is a good choice for your situation. This option
will depress performance.

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> Dear all,
> My storage could be very slow for open/read/write sometimes (not always). To
> avoid CIFS timeout (Linux), I configure samba server "async smb echo handler
> = yes".
> On server side, I can see two smbd processes are generated for every CIFS
> client, and one of them is for echo server.
> On client side, I confirm CIFS 1.0 is used (and "hard" option is also used).
> But I can still observed the following logs on client side:
> CIFS VFS: Server has not responded in 120 seconds.
> Reconnecting...
> My samba server version 4.2.10.
> Can anyone suggest me how to avoid CIFS client timeout? (echo_interval is not
> good as most of existing Linux distributions today do not support it)
> Thanks
> Mike
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