[Samba] Problem with keytab: "Client not found in Kerberos database"

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Dec 20 14:27:25 UTC 2016

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About the "POSSIBLE CAUSE: I found the following.. " part. 
Thats exactly why my squid kerberos group didnt work. 

I manualy added this where it was needed. 


A PROGRAM "login" to Windows Active Directory or Unix kdc as user <SERVICE/<fqdn-hostname>@REALM >.   
(! Beware SERVICE must match what your program needed ) 
Squid need HTTP/SPN
Zarafa needs http/SPN 

It requires Active Directory to have an attribute userPrincipalname set to 
< SERVICE/<fqdn-hostname>@REALM > for the associated acount. 
This is usaully done by using msktutil. 
But this is not done by samba-tools  

So you need to add this manualy. 



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> Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] Problem with keytab: "Client not found in Kerberos
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> Rowland Perry wrote:
> > >/imdap config AD : backend = rid /> >/ > /> How did you 'fix' this, on
> face value, there is nothing wrong with that line.
> "imdap" is not "idmap"
> (so now you understand why I missed it after staring at it so long :-)
>  > When you join the domain with 'kerberos method = secrets and keytab',
>  > you should get a keytab created without having to manually create it.
> Ah cool, yes that does happen now.
> L.P.H. van Belle wrote:
> > This is what i found, dont know if thats exact what your looking for.
> >
> > ( module )
> > krb5 {
> >         keytab = /etc/freeradius/keytab
> >         service_principal = radius/radius.example.com
> > }
> I can't use rlm_krb5, because I plan to use PEAP+MSCHAP for wifi
> authentication. The krb5 module requires a cleartext password, but
> MSCHAP does not pass a cleartext password. (It is possible to use krb5
> authentication with TTLS+PAP or TTLS+GTC, both of which send a cleartext
> password)
> However, I'm not actually at that point yet. First I'm configuring
> freeradius to do the LDAP query. To do this I'm setting environment
> variables:
> KRB5_CLIENT_KTNAME=/etc/krb5.keytab
> Using KRB5_CLIENT_KTNAME means that the Kerberos library will
> automatically fetch and renew ticket when required. And I'm telling it
> to use the in-process MEMORY cache to hold those tickets.
> Aside: there is a nasty failure mode if you don't do it like this.
> Suppose you type "kinit" to get a ticket, then start your radius server.
> Everything appears to work fine, since radius uses the ticket you
> generated. But then it stops working 12 hours later when the ticket
> expires :-(
> (Incidentally, this is all stuff I have working with FreeIPA; I'm trying
> to port these working configs over to a Samba environment)
> So, back to the situation I'm in, where /etc/krb5.keytab has three
> principals, but the first two don't work for authenticating the RADIUS
> server to the LDAP server to do LDAP queries.
> POSSIBLE CAUSE: I found the following:
> http://serverfault.com/questions/682374/client-not-found-in-kerberos-
> database-while-getting-initial
> /"Active Directory does not typically allow you to authenticate as a
> service principal (specifically, does not let it acquire a TGT via an
> AS_REQ); in theory, service principals are supposed to be for accepting
> user credentials, not for authenticating to your kerberos realm.//
> //
> //This is different from Unix KDCs, which typically do not distinguish
> between "service principals" and "user principals" by default, allowing
> either to authenticate via kinit"//
> //
> /This doesn't mention *host* principals as such, but it seems likely
> that host/foo at realm and service/foo at realm are both not allowed to
> authenticate to Active Directory.
> And here:
> http://community.centrify.com/t5/Centrify-Express/Kerberos-Client-not-
> found-in-Kerberos-database/td-p/20591
> This also says you must kinit as '<computername>$'
> WORKAROUND: I couldn't get freeradius to select a principal to use for
> authentication, so instead I used ktutil to generate a keytab containing
> only the 'WRN-RADTEST$' principal.
> rkt /etc/krb5.keytab
> delent 1   # repeat this 10 times
> wkt /etc/radius.keytab
> and chown'd this file so the radius server can access it. This now
> works, yay! - freeradius can establish a connection to the LDAP server.
> However:
> (1) Does Samba change the host kerberos key periodically?
> If it does, I'll need to automate the updating of the radius keytab as
> well. Unfortunately ktutil is not well suited to this role, unless you
> are happy to type commands 'blind' to delete the first 10 entries (ugh)
> (2) Can "net ads keytab create" be told to extract just a single named
> principal? That would simplify things. But I can't see how to.
> As usual... clues gratefully received.
> Regards,
> Brian.
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