[Samba] Samba4 problem with Wndows Domain Trust

Josef Wölfle josef at die-woelfles.de
Sun Dec 18 14:39:01 UTC 2016

Hi all,

we have the following problem:

We are running two windows domains, which trust each other.

We have several RHEL6-Servers, which act as samba servers with windows 
domain authentication.

Domain A is configured as realm in smb.conf.

As long as we run samba3, all users from domain A and domain B are able 
to be authenticated. "wbinfo -g" lists all windows groups from domain A 
and domain B as well.

If we update to samba4, the groups and users of domain B are not shown 
any longer. The users of domain B cannot be authenticated.

The problem ist reproducable: If I remove samba 4 and install samba 3 
(same config), domain B is fully usable again.

The problem also occurs on different servers in the same way.

Could you give  any advice, where the problem is resulting from and/or 
how to solve it?

Many Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards

Josef Wölfle

Sysadmin in  Germany.

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