[Samba] Fileserver and other questions

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Sun Dec 18 01:48:11 UTC 2016

Hello Flavio,

it seems you are new to Samba, so I suggest you to have a look at our Wiki:
It describes procedures you are asking for and a lot more.

Am 18.12.2016 um 02:09 schrieb Flávio Silveira via samba:
> 1- Is it possible to have shares per department? Let's say: a share for
> Sales users, a share for Administration users and so on, so that files
> and folders are only visible for each group. If so, how can I accomplish
> this? Also, is it possible to give read/write permission to just
> specific files on a read-only folder?

Sure, you can set set POSIX or Windows ACLs on directories.

> 2- I'm planning on using Debian Jessie, which comes with Samba 4.2.10
> and it seems impossible to backport 4.5.2, is it ok?

You can try 4.2 version. However it's already end of life and thus
unsupported. If you have any problems, we will tell you to update to a
recent version first. ;-)

If Debian does not provide a recent version, you can build Samba yourself.

> 3- Any documented issues with Windows 10 Professional with that setup?

I only know about limitations if you set up a NT4 domain. I never used
Win10 with a standalone server. However I don't know of any problems in
an Samba AD if you just plan to create multiple shares and nothing special.

> On a different matter, I plan to migrate this to AD or at least
> Domain somewhat soon...

What is your current Windows Server acting as? Is it an AD DC? Then set
up Samba, join it as a DC, copy the Sysvol content manually (Sysvol
replication is currently not implemented), configure your remaining
stuff, and at the end demote the Windows DC.


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