[Samba] msdfs links on multiple servers ?

Chad William Seys cwseys at physics.wisc.edu
Thu Dec 15 22:49:15 UTC 2016

   I'm trying to use msdfs links on more than one server.  I am hoping 
to be able to add pointers on any server to any other server. This would 
make reorganization of data less difficult.  (e.g. If one server (not 
the original msdfs root) fills up a subdir could be moved to another 
server and then a msdfs link pointed the relocated subdir.)

   I thought it might work to set 'msdfs root = yes' to multiple 
servers.  But the clients don't follow msdfs links on any but one of the 
servers.  (The one on which it works is the original 'msdfs root = yes'.)


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