[Samba] Redhat Dependencies

Metin KoƧ metinkocgs at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 10:40:35 UTC 2016

I didnt say anything like this. Of course its not a samba problem YOU right! Anyway

Ok i'll tell you if i find a solution

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> Am 13.12.2016 um 22:26 schrieb Rowland Penny via samba:
> >> and no, Rowland, this is nothing for the RHEL support contract 
> >> because by adding software from 3rd party repos you are way out of 
> >> support - period
> >
> > This has everything to do with an RHEL support contract (if the OP 
> > has one), you need python-crypto to build Samba for an AD DC, so if 
> > the OP has a contract, he should ask red-hat just how he is supposed 
> > to build Samba without a required package ??
> >
> > If he doesn't have a contract, then he can do an internet search to 
> > find out where to get them from
> so why not shut down the mailing-list at all if everybody just has to 
> call Redhat or search in the internet - that's what you are saying 
> (probably without beeing aware of it)

That is NOT what I said or meant, please stop being a troll.

If the OP has a red-hat contract, then he should ask them if there are replacements for the missing packages, they may not really be aware they are needed, mainly because there is no Samba AD DC package on RHEL.

Lets be perfectly honest here, this is not a Samba problem, it is a RHEL problem, if you have ALL the dependencies, Samba builds correctly.


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