[Samba] Bind version requirements

Bob of Donelson Trophy bob at donelsontrophy.net
Tue Dec 13 18:18:54 UTC 2016

I read on the wiki page "BIND9_DLZ_DNS_Back_End" that the bind version
supported by the Samba version 4.5.2 is Bind 9.11? 

Ubuntu 16.04.1LTS repo offers Bind9.10.3 and Debian Jessie is Bind9.9.5.

Currently running Samba 4.5.0 (from source) on Ubuntu 16.04.1LTS. 

Does this suggestion mean I am limited to Samba version 4.5.1 until
Ubuntu upgrades the bind9 version? 

I have been searching Distrowatch and none of the major distros are at
Bind9.11, yet. 

Should I anticipate any problems upgrading to Samba 4.5.2 or is this a
typo on the wiki page?


Bob Wooden of Donelson Trophy

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