[Samba] DNS dlz_bind9 error - samba 4.5.2

marcel at linux-ng.de marcel at linux-ng.de
Mon Dec 12 19:56:00 UTC 2016


I just did a new provision of my samba domain and now
the formerly working bind 9.10 + dlz setup does no
longer work.

When trying to start bind9 it quits with the following

named[5818]: samba_dlz: started for DN DC=mydomain,DC=de
named[5818]: samba_dlz: starting configure
named[5818]: dns_rdata_fromtext: buffer-0x7f9bc9231ec0:1: near 'srv2..': 
empty label
named[5818]: Failed to put rr
named[5818]: zone mydomain.de/NONE: could not find NS and/or SOA records
named[5818]: zone mydomain.de/NONE: has 0 SOA records
named[5818]: zone mydomain.de/NONE: has no NS records
named[5818]: samba_dlz: Failed to configure zone 'mydomain.de'
named[5818]: loading configuration: bad zone
named[5818]: exiting (due to fatal error)
systemd[1]: bind9.service: Main process exited, code=exited, 

If I'm reverting to the build-in DNS server of samba
the same DNS entries work fine. However I need to do
zone transfers (which samba's build-in DNS did not
support the last time I checked).

Does anyone else see this behaviour?

BTW: I'm running samba 4.5.2.


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