[Samba] samba 4.4.5 debian packages. ( info update )

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Aug 26 09:27:11 UTC 2016

Hai everybody, 


I got some complains about broken packages. 

Yes, there is 1 package that overwrites some files, this is known and fixed in the next debian 4.4.5 version. 

( explained in the readme.txt and upgrade-problems.txt on my site ) 

( https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=832880 ) 


The other problem people reported, in there terms ;-)  “hell broken packages”   ( and no im not offended by it ) 


This is not the case.. this is an small error in the setup, which i have explained in the readme.txt also now,

and which i should have done sooner.. so sorry about that, if forgot not everybody knows everything...  


The key thing about these “not” “hell broken packages”

>>  If you use these packages in the simple repo setup, DONT mix amd64 deb in the same folder als the i386 debs. << 

Correct is :  *_amd64.deb + *_all.deb


Correct is :  *_amdi386.deb + *_all.deb


How to check if you setup ok, is run : 

apt-cache policy samba 

If you dont see samba 4.4.5 here, try this one. 


apt-cache policy samba-common   

And now see samba-common 4.4.5 

The samba-sommon is an *_all.deb , so and this is shown. 


So if this is the case, and you need both i386 and amd64 packages in your network, 

you need an more advanced setup for you repo, i use reprepro for that. 

You choose : https://wiki.debian.org/HowToSetupADebianRepository 


To make it more simple, i’ve added a very simple install script. 

Found here :   ( install-samba445.sh only amd64 and i386 supported ) 



It sets up a local FILE repo, and give the instruction to setup a http repo. 

I used the [trusted=yes]  lines in the repo if you dont want that, 

Install my gpg key found on the site also, or setup apt preferences. 


I hope this make things more clear and people can enjoy the 4.4.5 packages. 


And by example how i use my samba packages.

2 x samba addc  

6 x samba member ( separated file and print servers) 

4 x samba members ( servers mostly with only winbind for database and webserver/mailserver things. )


I use the following setup, running : 

Samba with  AD backend   (idmap config NTDOMAIN : backend = ad ) 


Samba 4.4.5 on all servers where needed.   

Squid 3.5.19 with kerberos auth and kerberos groups.  ( with fallback to NTLM and basic LDAP ) 

Ssh kerberos logins with NFSv4 kerberized for user home dirs. 

Apache2 kerberized and/or ldap  logins for some websites. 

Postfix for mail relay with ldaps queries to lookup email adresses from the samba AD. 

And with everything over TLS/SSL. 


Everything on Debian Jessie.


I rebuild from debian stretch with pbuilder, always and only if really needed from sid. 

I stay inline with debian (strech/testing), and this is so upgrading to a newer debian release is easy. 


I rebuild also these, to give a impression what i do...  : 



libc-icap-mod-squidclamav     ( not provided by debian, own deb build ) 

Apache2  ( 2.4.20+ since i needed also http2 ) 

nghttp2 ( needed for apache2 ) 

Openssl  ( since i needed 1.0.2h+ for apache2 )   


So please dont say it broken when something does not work, if something didnt work, then you just didnt setup right, 

and thats no problem, we all need to learn, but sometimes people are busy so yes, 

Or i forgot to mention something, im only human.  ;-) I can take a few days to get a reply.  Be patient..  


Questions, ask, but please keep it on the samba list, so everybody knows/learns for it. 

Even me ! 


And for the people who think i’ll leave...  No! 


Just google how long im on the samba list already..  

(google:  big samba howto for debian ) and see yourselfs..  

Im writing a new (modulair)  howto like that one atm, 

which is based on the network here, but its lots of work and this takes time. 


So i hope this explains a lot and helps everybody using my packages. 








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