[Samba] Configuring Samba as a file server to use AD authentication

Kyle Manel Kyle.Manel at inbaytech.com
Thu Aug 25 18:03:57 UTC 2016

Fair point on Ubuntu.  Though, there is no value added by mentioning that as I am already seeking help here. :-)
What I was searching for was 'how to start winbindd' which doesn't provide any valuable excerpts beyond that.

Upon rebooting the machine winbindd is not operating all the same however, so I am puzzled why this is an issue for me.

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> Thanks for the information,
> I am unclear how to implement the winbind 'rid' backend.  I've 
> identified that winbindd is not operating on my demo server (fresh 
> installation of Ubuntu 16), and am looking for some assistance if 
> possible.
> 1] 'apt-get install winbind' informs me that the package is already 
> installed (v4.3.9), yet it is not operating; 2] Lsof -Pnl +M -i4
> provides: root at smb-srv:/home/inbay# lsof -Pnl +M -i4
> dhclient  2976        0    6u  IPv4  20143      0t0  UDP *:68
> lwsmd     3217        0   17u  IPv4  59606      0t0  TCP
>> (ESTABLISHED) lwsmd
> 3231        0   24u  IPv4  64193      0t0  TCP
>> (ESTABLISHED) lwsmd
> 3231        0   26u  IPv4  64244      0t0  TCP
>> (ESTABLISHED) lwsmd
> 3231        0   32u  IPv4  64190      0t0  TCP
> 9140        0    3u  IPv4  37379      0t0  TCP *:22 (LISTEN) nmbd
> 28134        0   16u  IPv4  62715      0t0  UDP *:137 nmbd
> 28134        0   17u  IPv4  62716      0t0  UDP *:138 nmbd
> 28134        0   18u  IPv4  62718      0t0  UDP
> nmbd     28134        0   19u  IPv4  62719      0t0  UDP
> nmbd     28134        0   20u  IPv4  62720      0t0
> UDP nmbd     28134        0   21u  IPv4  62721
> 0t0  UDP smbd     28247        0   37u  IPv4
> 63448      0t0  TCP *:445 (LISTEN) smbd     28247        0   38u
> IPv4  63449      0t0  TCP *:139 (LISTEN) sshd     28317        0
> 3u  IPv4  63824      0t0  TCP>
> (ESTABLISHED) sshd     28397     1000    3u  IPv4  63824      0t0
> 3] To start winbindd I visited this site
> https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1865647 which informed to 
> run 'net ads join -U administrator' with my own id, which returns:
> 'Joined 'SMB-SRV-001' to dns domain 'domain' No DNS domain configured 
> for SMB-SRV.  Unable to perform DNS update.  DNS update failed:
> Upon review of the [3] winbindd is still not implemented, and I would 
> like to know how to get it running, as from my understanding it is 
> part of the samba package, and I will require it.

Firstly, can I make a recommendation, forget Ubuntu forums, read the Samba wiki or ask here instead ;-)

Just joining a machine to the domain will not start winbind, this is just like any of the Samba binaries, it needs to be started by whatever your OS uses to start programs. I think the problem is that Debian uses a script called 'samba', this starts two other scripts 'smbd' and 'nmbd', it does not start winbind. I think if you look, you will find there is another script called 'winbind', guess what this does ? ;-) Do what ever you do to start samba, but replace 'samba' with 'winbind', it should then start.
I haven't a clue how you start packages on Ubuntu now, I don't use it.

You could always reboot the server, just like the person in your link did, this is what started winbind, not the join.


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