[Samba] samba-tool domain provision no such option: --slapd-path

basti mailinglist at unix-solution.de
Mon Aug 22 13:46:53 UTC 2016


because of the login problem with windows 10 and the required changes in
"server max protocol" i try to setup an AD.

The AD works fine, now I have an other problem.

In my Samba3 install i have the following config:

mailserver with standanlone openLDAP <- sync -> samba3 with openLDAP

so the mailserver can receive mails even if the pdc is down.

as i can see at

but my samba-tool does not known --use-ntvfs and --slapd-path

samba-tool domain provision --use-rfc2307 --interactive
"Warning: LDAP-Backend must be setup with path to slapd, e.g. --slapd-

samba-tool domain provision --use-rfc2307 --interactive
--ldap-backend-type=openldap --slapd-path=\"/usr/sbin/slapd\"
Usage: samba-tool domain provision [options]

samba-tool domain provision: error: no such option: --slapd-path

samba -V
Version 4.4.5-Debian

slapd -V
@(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd  (Jan 16 2016 23:00:08) $
	root at chimera:/tmp/buildd/openldap-2.4.40+dfsg/debian/build/servers/slapd

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