[Samba] User accounts being blocked

Ricardo Pardim Claus ricardo.claus at yahoo.com.br
Fri Aug 19 18:45:25 UTC 2016

> Windows has some "features" which can create a lot of fake invalid logon 

> attempts. 

> Windows remembers userids and passwords until logout, and whenever you > want to access a protected share, it automatically first tries with 
> stored passwords, before showing a password prompt. 

> If users are using local accounts (for example on their personal 
> notebooks), and have different username or password on the server, 
> Windows will always first try to log in to the server with the local 
> credentials. 

> Also Windows remembers all shares that you ever used (unless you connect 
> always with "net use share /user:xxx * /persistent:no", or you remove 
>them with "net use share /delete"), and Windows tries to access all 
> previously known shares many times, for example each time you open Explorer. 

> If you revoke a user the right to access a share, which they previously 
> used, and they do not specifically disconnect from it, Windows will keep 
> trying many times per day to access it. 

> Maybe some users once clicked on "remember password", and later changed 
> the password on the server. Now some of their devices (maybe a 
> smartphone) silently keeps trying with the old password.

Dear Klaus 
I appreciate the contribution. 

Here the company carried out a work to migrate the Windows Server DC for Samba 4. GPO settings are the same as we used in Windows Server. 
The shared network drive mapping is set by a GPO, which used the "/delete /yes and persistent:no". 
The doubts are generated precisely because it did not happen with the DC MS. 
The authentication credentials in AD are used only on desktops. In other devices (tablet / smartphone) do not use credentials. 
I keep looking for a solution to this issue.

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