[Samba] Storing Quotas in Active Directory

Mueller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Fri Aug 19 05:43:14 UTC 2016

samba 3 came with is:


This module allows the default quota values, in the windows explorer GUI, to be stored on a Samba-3 server. The challenge is that linux filesystems only store quotas for users and groups, but no default quotas. 

Samba returns NO_LIMIT as the default quotas by default and refuses to update them. With this module you can store the default quotas that are reported to a windows client, in the quota record of a user. By default the root user is taken because quota limits for root are typically not enforced. 

This module takes 2 parametric entries in the smb.conf file. The default prefix for each is the “default_quota”. This can be overwrittem when you load the module in the vfs modules parameter like this: 
vfs objects = default_quota:myprefix

The parametric entries that may be specified for the default_quotas module are: 

This parameter takes a integer argument that specifies the uid of the quota record that will be used for storing the default user quotas. 

The default value is 0 (for root user). An example of use is: 
vfs objects = default_quota
default_quota:	uid = 65534

The above demonstrates the case where the myprefix was omitted, thus the default prefix is the name of the module. When a myprefix parameter is specified the above can be re-written like this: 
vfs objects = default_quota:myprefix
myprefix:	uid = 65534

do not know i it exists anymore

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> Hi Greg, I take it what we discussed last time didn't work.

I did in fact create some custom schema mods that can store the quota
information, but it just seems to be an odd way to do it.   I am surprised
that others uses Samba 4 on *nix file servers don't talk about this more.
 What I'm doing does work in a sense, but I'm wondering what the proper way
to manage quotas on a Samba 4 file server?    So far, I've not found an
answer to this questions.


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