[Samba] Samba 4.2.14 Group Policy (GPO) sync error

rme at bluemail.ch rme at bluemail.ch
Sat Aug 13 20:47:34 UTC 2016

OK, I actually now feel a bit bad on this. As we did a lot of debugging 
without actually finding any solutions my focus went more and more into 
direction of code bug somewhere in Samba/Kerberos area.

I found some references that Samba uses an internal specific version of 
Heimdal. Though it looks like the Gentoo developers went to disable the 
built-in Heimdal implementation if favor of a system-wide Heimdal. 
Currently Gentoo uses Heimdal 1.5.3-r2. On the official page 
(http://www.h5l.org/) I see only release 1.5.2 officially listed (??).
Moreover I found the samba package enforces disabling SSL on Heimdal. 
This seems to be required as the built-in Heimdal crypto library 
(hcrypto) is built only if openssl support is disabled in Heimdal. I 
left this unchanged then.

So I went deeper and found the Samba ebuild to explicitly disable 
bundled packages (configure options):


I quickly removed both lines. The effect was that Samba now fails to 
compile complaining about tgt_use_strongest_session_key. I found this to 
be an issue of a patch applied by the Gentoo team:

--- samba-4.2.3/source4/kdc/kdc.c
+++ samba-4.2.3/source4/kdc/kdc.c
@@ -967,9 +967,9 @@
          * The old behavior in the _kdc_get_preferred_key()
          * function is use_strongest_server_key=TRUE.
-       kdc->config->as_use_strongest_session_key = false;
+       kdc->config->tgt_use_strongest_session_key = false;
         kdc->config->preauth_use_strongest_session_key = false;
-       kdc->config->tgs_use_strongest_session_key = false;
+       kdc->config->svc_use_strongest_session_key = false;
         kdc->config->use_strongest_server_key = true;

As I am using bundled/built-in Heimdal now I simply also removed this patch.

Now Samba compiled and seems to work. Even my group policies seem to 
apply correctly.

So as a result it looks like Samba works well with the built-in (perhaps 
modified?) Heimdal library but does not with the Gentoo Heimdal 1.5.3 
ebuild. I am not sure if the patch listed above is actually correct. So 
I went back disabling bundled and built-in libraries again and leaving 
the patch disabled.

This breaks the build:

../source4/kdc/kdc.c:970:13: error: ‘krb5_kdc_configuration’ has no 
member named ‘as_use_strongest_session_key’
   kdc->config->as_use_strongest_session_key = false;
../source4/kdc/kdc.c:972:13: error: ‘krb5_kdc_configuration’ has no 
member named ‘tgs_use_strongest_session_key’
   kdc->config->tgs_use_strongest_session_key = false;

Well, I am not sure if the built-in Heimdal within the Samba package is 
patched/modified in any way. In general I would say Samba should work 
with a system-wide Heimdal installation too which is obviously not the 
case. Though this might be an insufficiency of the Gentoo Heimdal 
ebuild. I think actually the Gentoo team is right that a system-wide 
Heimdal should be used and not bundled libraries - if possible. Though 
there seems to be some incompatibility.

So currently my solution is to use a custom ebuild allowing bundled 
libraries and removing the custom Gentoo patch.

# diff /usr/portage/net-fs/samba/samba-4.2.14.ebuild samba-4.2.14.ebuild
<       "${FILESDIR}/${PN}-4.2.3-heimdal_compilefix.patch"
>       # "${FILESDIR}/${PN}-4.2.3-heimdal_compilefix.patch"
<               --bundled-libraries=NONE
<               --builtin-libraries=NONE
>               # --bundled-libraries=NONE
>               # --builtin-libraries=NONE

I will report this to the Gentoo team so they can perhaps investigate on 
how to fix Samba using system-wide Heimdal.

Many many thanks to the people involved here helping me to debug the 
issue. I have learned a lot about Sabma internals and perhaps this is 
helpful for others too. I still don't know exactly what goes wrong as 
the complete Samba build of Gentoo works fine and the logs don't show 
something which is obviously wrong.

With best regards,

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