[Samba] WindowsPE 10.0 -- Samba 4.4.5 connection problem

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Aug 8 16:56:14 UTC 2016

On Mon, 8 Aug 2016 14:17:43 +0200
Ralf Aumüller <Ralf.Aumueller at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de> wrote:

> > In which case, what ever user is going to connect to the Samba
> > server will need to exist on it, as both a Unix & Samba user. The
> > user will need to have the same password everywhere.
> > 
> > If the user is just copying the files from the Samba share to the
> > windows machine and then running them, the anonymous user way should
> > work, but it will depend on the permissions being set correctly,
> > both in smb.conf and on the Unix machine, I would start by checking
> > that the Unix permisions are set to 777
> Maybe my description was not clear. We first see this problem in our
> production environment. So I set up a test VM with samba 3.6.25 and
> 4.4.5 available. Then I PXE-boot a notebook with Windows PE 5.0 and
> try to connect to my test-samba-server. 3.6.25 works. Stopping 3.6.25
> and starting 4.4.5: Works fine.
> Then I PXE-boot Windows PE 10.0 and make the same test. Now just
> samba 3.6.25 works. Trying 4.4.5 gives error "System error 58 has
> occurred." All tests use the same Samba-cfg-file.
> Best regards,
> Ralf

OK, as I don't have windows PE, I set up a standalone server using
4.4.5 in a VM and connected from a windows 10 VM, I used your smb.conf
with the alterations I suggested. Whilst I could connect to the share
and read a text file I created on the Samba server, I couldn't alter
it, or create a new file.
I added 'read only = no' to the share, changed the Unix permissions
for /data/test to 777 and I can connect as the domain user 'rowland'.
I can then create or alter files on the share, this is without the user
being created on the standalone Samba server. The only problem is (if
you can call it a problem) everything on the share belongs to


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